This section contains the checklists and forms you’ll need to get started applying to become a resident of the Ventura BioCenter. Once you’ve made the decision to move forward, the application process is fairly straightforward. Please read the following challenge to help determine whether you’re ready to start your own business:

– You will create a secure account and submit to the VBC a one-page business plan and/or a Powerpoint presentation (e.g. for funding purposes) describing your business.
– You will then answer some basic questions regarding your proposed activities and your need for space. At this time, you will tell us whether you want to be a client or a tenant.
– When you are finished with the online portion of your application, the VBC website will acknowledge you application by an email to the contact address you set up in the software.

For questions and concerns, please e-mail us or call 805-480-9900.


Clients are start-up companies renting space and being incubated in the Ventura BioCenter.  The terms of their lease is personalized to match the needs of their business incubation.


Tenants are companies or individuals who rent space in the Ventura BioCenter.  Tenant’s can rent space for a day (special event), a week (conference or trade show), month-to-month, or a year.