July seminars

Next month, we have two exciting seminars coming up! Information is as follows:

Thursday, July 10 @ 7:30 – 9:00 AM
Biotech Law Seminar Series

“Biological Intangible Property: Preserving Genetic and Horticultural Heritage”
Panel: Dr. Steven C. Bobzin, PhD; John M. Foster, RPA; Steve Sprinkle
Moderator: Angela Kirwin, Applied Anthropologist
Admission: No charge to public – RSVP
Attorney CLE: $20 for non-VCBA biotech members, $15 for members

Join us for a panel discussion with experts on the legal, economic, and cultural issues tied up in biological intangible cultural property.

What is biological intangible cultural property and who owns it?
– Crop species diversity: Can we survive without it?
– Heirloom species and traditional ecological knowledge: Can you patent horticultural heritage?
– Genetic heritage: Who owns it? Are genes patentable?

For more info, please contact Panda Kroll, VCBA Biotech Law Section – panda.kroll@csuci.edu

July 10 Seminar

Thursday, July 17th @ 5:30 – 7:30 PM
Entrepreneur’s Business Seminar Series

“From Friends to Frenemies – Would Your Best Friend Make a Good Business Partner?”
Presenter: Panda Kroll, Esq.
Admission: No charge to public – RSVP

Topics for discussion:
– How partnerships are formed even without intent, agreement, or knowledge
– When partnerships make good sense – and when they do not
– Common traps that lead to losses
– Best practices before, during, and after partnering

For more info, please contact Paul Meyer, Managing Partner, Greater L.A. Region, TechCXO LLC – Paul.Meyer@TechCXO.com

July 17 seminar JPG