Our Tenants

The Ventura BioCenter is proud to partner with several area technology companies, and our tenants represent these alliances. Tenants are companies or individuals who rent space in the BioCenter.  Tenants can rent space for a day (special event), a week (conference or trade show), month-to-month, or a year. E-mail us or call 805-480-9900 for more information on renting space at the BioCenter.

Check out the VC Star’s spotlight on what the BioCenter has to offer current and prospective tenants:
Aug 29, 2015 – Ventura BioCenter collaboration allows companies to flourish


Products and Capabilities

Amethyst Consulting Amethyst Consulting leverages the deep talent pool of the Amethyst companies and the Ventura BioCenter as well as a global network of experts to provide a wide range of consulting services to industry, academia, government, and NGOs.  AC assists clients with the technical, regulatory, and commercialization challenges they face in the globally competitive technology marketplace.
Amethyst Life Sciences Amethyst Life Sciences matches disruptive technologies with entrepreneurs, capital, and other resources to assemble, launch, and grow exciting new tech companies.  Leveraging its experienced management team and well-equipped R&D facility, Amethyst helps to effectively and efficiently turn great ideas into globally competitive enterprises.  Amethyst’s location in California, home of the global biotech industry, puts it close to the entrepreneurs, technology, and talent it draws on to enable the next generation of tech plays.
Analytical Ventura Analytical Ventura offers analytical method development and testing services forbiotherapeutics, small molecules, nutraceuticals, cosmetics, novel materials, and many other analytes.  AV provides complete analytical support from discovery and lead optimization through formulation and process development to clinical trials and into commercialization.  Capabilities include convective separations (HPLC, electrophoresis, FIA, flow FFF), mass spectrometry (ESI, APCI, MALDI-TOF), photonics (UV, fluorescence, LS), particle counting and characterization (light obscuration, electrozone sensing, light scattering, convective imaging), and related drug-development and quality-control techniques.
Bio-Spring supports life-sciences research by providing recombinant proteins and molecular biology products for biotherapeutic, reagent, and diagnostic applications from microgram to gram quantities. Our high purity, activity, and competitive pricing result from decades of experience supporting tight budgets and timelines in process development and discovery research organizations. We engineer and produce many classes of proteins as well as their various species, mutations, chemical or protein/peptide fusions, chemical modifications, and non-radioactive labels.
CAMAG – World leader in Planar Chromatography CAMAG has the tradition of serving planar chromatography since 1961. They develop and manufacture sophisticated instruments and associated software for the state-of-the-art analytical technique. Their products are marketed directly in Switzerland, through daughter companies in Germany, China and in the USA, and through carefully selected distributors worldwide. They see themselves as a flexible, customer friendly, science based company that has made its mark as a reliable partner in all branches of planar chromatography. They provide competent customer support and technical service for their products as well as education and training for our customers’ lab personnel. Please visit their homepage www.camag.com for additional information and the latest news.
GREEN2GOLD unites highly experienced business advisers, cutting edge engineers, award winning designers, innovative developers, state of the art manufacturers, international practicing attorneys, world responsible trusted financial experts, creative professional educators, leading scientists, wide spectrum marketing and licensing established relationships, world helping inventors, innovators, social ventures, and non profit founders. Green2Gold takes what you have, adds our creative energies and collective world connecting power, and converts that to palatable real life exciting consumer success.
Kepler Diagnostics, Inc. Kepler Diagnostics, Inc. is empowering the global community to improve research, health and wellness by providing access to accurate and cost-effective specimen collection devices. Based in Simi Valley, California, Kepler Diagnostics is a leader in the development, manufacture and distribution of Samplla™, a portfolio of innovative collection devices and stabilization procedures designed to “freeze” time and stabilized sensitive analytes in blood to enable essential diagnostics when it needed most.
Proactive Diagnostics was founded in 2017 by Dr. Reuven Duer, inventor of Proactive Diagnostics’ novel Q-SENS platform, enabling quick and effective detection at the point-of-care (transportation hubs, schools, and workplaces, or even ones’ home) of various biomarkers (proteins and nucleic acids), from different bodily fluids.
Ventura BioCenter The Ventura BioCenter is Ventura County’s only wet-lab business incubator, featuring 11,000 square feet of lab and office space for biotech, pharmaceutical, and technology startup companies. The BioCenter offers ready-to-go labs with easy access to highway 101 as well as lab equipment, conference and break rooms, and other common space. The BioCenter provides extensive support to its tenants, including purchasing discounts, on-site seminars and training, meetings, mentoring, and a host of business and support services. Best of all, the BioCenter is home to a vibrant and growing community of tech-savvy scientists, entrepreneurs, and inventors!