Meetings and Conferencing

The VBC has several meeting rooms available for the use of our residents as well as outside groups. Some of these rooms can support global conferencing. If you’d like more information on reserving a VBC room for your special activity, please e-mail us or give us a call at 805-480-9900.


The VBC is set up explicitly for the discovery and development of biotech and small-molecule therapeutics.  To support all the molecular biology equipment, the facility has plenty of electrical power, water, gas, and other utilities which make it ideal for biochemistry research.  While we try to share as many resources as possible, residents are expected to provide their own reagents and consumables as well as critical major equipment and instrumentation.  Of course, we’ll work with you to make sure that everything you need is ready to go here at the VBC!

Synthetic Chemistry

The VBC is equipped for all types of synthetic chemical R&D through pilot-scale production. We have bench space, chemical fume hoods for handling reagents, a walk-in fume hood for routine distillations, a glove box for handling air-sensitive reagents, argon and nitrogen gas lines, and plenty of additional equipment for conducting chemical-synthesis R&D. Residents are expected to provide their own glassware and reagents, as well as any equipment which they use regularly or rely on for any business-critical functions.

Molecular Biology

The VBC is designed to accommodate a broad range of molecular biology activities, from cloning and expression through fermentation / cell culture, harvest and upstream processing, through downstream processing, polishing, and even in vitro and in vivo testing. We have a laminar-flow hood (biosafety cabinet) for microbe-free experiments, including bioassays and viral assays, a bench top autoclave for sterilizing biohazardous materials, and lots of related equipment. If you’re contemplating a molecular biology project, let us give you a tour of our facility and explain our capabilities to you!